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Lead By Example and Reverse The Trend are programs created and owned by the founder Mr. Antonio Hendrickson. Mr. Hendrickson was incarcerated for his second time and clearly understands this was avoidable and could be avoided in the future. During his incarceration, he regretted daily not being able to be present in the lives of his children and his family, which encouraged him to dedicate his life to studying and learning how to reform himself and others to become a productive member of society and a role model for the younger generation. These years of devotion and study have led to the most adequate and dynamic programs available on the market today.
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These programs were professionally planed to fit the needs of inmates according to age. Lead by Example targets the older inmates and Reverse the Trend targets the younger inmates. Mr. Hendrickson has observed and witnessed, an inmate’s propensity towards criminal behavior tends to worsen after being incarcerated.

In the prison system there are no effective and efficient program targeting reforming inmates and it’s imperative to provide these programs, so we can make a difference in our society by providing a solution to the ongoing problem. It’s vitally important an adequate self-repair system be established to leads our youth by example.
Our business exists to install a simple, affordable, and effective reform into participant’s lives. Lead By Example and Reverse The Trend’s vision is to provide professional support and direction to those seeking knowledge, wisdom, and understanding on bettering oneself. Our goal is to provide the participants with the tools they need to be successful in their role in society, while holding them accountable for their own actions and accomplishments.

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